Precision Machining

Akron Tool & Die is a custom manufacturer of components used in a wide range of industries, including plastics, food products, and specialty items. We use the latest CNC Milling, Turning and Wire EDM technology to achieve tight tolerances and durable surfaces in the manufacture of extrusion dies, barrels, barrel liners, rolls, feedblocks, adapters, feedpipes, screws, castings, feed throats, quick clamps, and related products.


Our engineers complete a thorough review of your manufacturing process, determine the best possible machining method, and select the best raw materials to maximize efficiency and durability.

Engineering Details

We interface with computer aided design (CAD) systems accepting fully surfaced or solid models. By using solid modeling and flow simulation we can identify potential problems before we start machining. By highlighting areas of extreme pressure, uneven flow velocities and/or temperature profiles, and areas of extreme shear viscosities, we can often reduce or eliminate the necessity for costly product trials and adjustments and better ensure consistent quality and reduce lead times.

Akron Tool & Die consults with our extrusion customers to address exsiting problems and/or concerns and offer solutions to better control temperature, moisture content, or material flow. These modifications often result in improved performance, savings in energy costs, and/or increased throughput.


Akron Tool & Die has developed an extensive database of metallurgical solutions for all types of manufacturing processes, ensuring that our components will deliver consistency and tolerance control.

Metallurgy Details

As important as manufacture and design, the selection of a suitable material to be machined is critical. Attention must be given to a variety of steel properties including yield, tensile strength, elongation, and ductility. Akron Tool & Die has developed an extensive database of metallurgical solutions for all types of manufacturing processes. By helping our customers select the right materials for their process, we can ensure that our components will deliver consistency and tolerance control.

Project Management

Akron Tool & Die coordinates all aspects of each project to guarantee your components are not only delivered on time and within budget, but are of the highest quality.

Project Management Details

When planning a manufacturing project, time and budget are at the top of most manufacturer’s list of priorities. Akron Tool & Die will work closely with you to manage every step of your project – from review, appraisal, procurement, manufacture supervision, verification and inspection right through to testing and commissioning. Plus, our specialized teams of engineers and technicians offer you independent expertise, opinions and advice, and help you comply with regulatory and quality standards.

We also provide extended project management services to loyal customers via a secure customer portal on our website.

Quality Assurance

We complete a careful analysis of your process to ensure the components we manufacture will meet your unique specifications. The result is improved consistency and quality of the materials and products you produce.

Quality Assurance Details

With a goal of zero defects, the quality of the components Akron Tool & Die designs and manufactures is at the center of everything we do. To maintain the high standards we follow a thorough quality assurance protocol that includes:

Extensive Review Process
In conjunction with physical inspections, all customers’ engineering is reviewed, and suggestions are given to reduce machine cost and/or improve part integrity. All assemblies are checked for proper fit, seal, and functionality prior to shipment.

Additionally, when working on extrusion die projects that include viscosity curves and other rheology data, our design review process identifies our customers’ requirements and custom tailors a die that will meet or exceed their expectations.

100% Inspection
Our approach to quality is straightforward — 100% inspection of all parts and dimensions, including detailed alignment scoping to insure all components within a process are lined up, secure, and ready for operation. From our machinists to our quality control inspector, every product is checked to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Akron Tool & Die is ISO 9001-2008 certified