Akron Tool & Die offers refurbishing and rebuilding of components used in most extrusion manufacturing processes, and specializes in remanufacturing extrusion dies. We follow a thorough process to ensure remanufactured components are returned to original factory conditions or improved by incorporating newer technologies.


Any existing problems are discussed with the customer to better understand the scope of the refurbish/rebuild.

Consultation Details

Akron Tool & Die consults with our extrusion customers to address existing problems and/or concerns and offers solutions to better control temperature, moisture content, or material flow. These modifications often result in improved performance, savings in energy costs, and/or increased throughput.


A complete inspection of the component/outer die body is performed, noting the condition of the guards, electrical wiring and heaters.

Inspection Details

When working on extrusion die projects that include viscosity curves and other rheology data, our review process takes into consideration our customers’ requirements and custom tailors the rebuild accordingly.


A detailed recommendation is made to the customer on required repairs.

Recommendations Details

In conjunction with physical inspections, available engineering is reviewed, and suggestions are given to reduce machine cost and/or improve part integrity. All assemblies are checked for proper fit, seal, and functionality prior to shipment.